Learn about the one-year transformational journey into the teachings, techniques and trainings of the Metamodern Mystery School at the leading edge of evolution.

What Is A Mystery School?

Thousands of years ago, new truths emerged across the world that were so profound and revelatory they had to be hidden from the dominant culture. Eventually new movements formed to secretly disseminate these higher truths to the leading edge of society. The transmission of this revelatory new knowledge took place in ‘mystery schools’. The secretive mystery schools were designed to teach these higher truths in a way that lead to the radical transformation of the student into higher sates and stages consciousness.

PraxisAletheia, a Metamodern Mystery School, is picking up the torch in the 21st century. New knowledge has been revealed. This new knowledge includes the discovery of emergent ‘human inner organic technologies’, a new spiritual enlightenment experience, and a higher stage of human consciousness.

On This Webinar…

Along with learning more about Mystery Schools and PraxisAletheia, you will also learn about:

Human Consciousness

Learn about the emerging new stage of human consciousness and how you can awaken your own inner organic technology, enlighten your mind, become a NEW HUMAN, and create a new world.

Untapped Potential

Learn about the secrets of your brain—discover how to unleash the power that is currently slumbering within and awaken creativity, purpose, passion and psychic abilities.

A New Spirituality

Unitary Evolutionary Spirituality promotes the discovery of one’s Soul, liberates the Soul in the world of form and spacetime, and brings the Soul into Identity with the indwelling God.

Radically Transformed Species

Did you know we only need 10,000 New Human University graduates to thrust humanity into the next Epoch? So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to change the world.

See It With Your Own Eyes

See a mind-boggling demonstration. Watch as the Higher Brain is activated and potential is unleashed. Hear from those who have experienced the awakening and how it’s changed their lives.

Limited-Time Discounts

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Want to see what it looks like to unlock your inner organic technology and experience the foundations of a new spirituality? Watch this video clip!

We know this is a lot to see without context, so please register for the webinar to learn more about this video clip!



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