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Mastery Facilitator  |  NHU Elite Member  |  MMS Mentor

Mastery Facilitator
NHU Elite Member
MMS Mentor

I train Facilitators of SCM, instruct classes in physics and applied metaphysics at The NHU, lead SCM One-Day Workshops, and am part of Dr. Cotton’s elite team of Facilitators at both weekend and International SCM Retreats. Before joining the faculty at The NHU, I was a Mastery Certified Higher Brain Living®  Facilitator, owned and operated a successful HBL practice in New York City, and was director of the SCM world headquarters.  I have served as an adjunct professor of physics, and as a science advisor in a law firm. I earned a Ph.D. in experimental elementary particle physics and completed the core curriculum for a master’s degree in counselling psychology.

What are they saying?

If you want your life to grow exponentially, Steve Giron is exactly what you need. He has an uncanny ability to move through all the noise, and find the direct route to whatever issue you are facing, both professional and personally. Steve’s secret sauce is applying his background as a Quantum Physicist into his transformational work. I’ve experienced working with Steve, and must say it changed my life. The crap fell off and what was left was universal truth and purpose… and it is still with me to this day. I will forever be grateful for the effect Steve Giron has had in my life and highly recommend his work.

Michelle Depres

Business Coach & Strategist

Getting introduced to Dr. Giron was one of the most transformative moments of my life. Since then, my life is not the same at all. He transformed my life. The method works. It is powerful and magical. And Dr. Giron’s vast knowledge around the work is a huge support during the process. Now, I take so many actions that used to be hard for me to take. It’s so natural now. I’m at peace and I have inner power to create the life I want. Receiving sessions and going through the process with Dr. Giron was one of the best things in my life.

Sanaz Teymoori

Product Designer, Verizon

After nearly a year of being “stuck” in multiple areas of my life, including the development of a non-profit organization I had left a successful longtime career to create. I ran into Steven at a Whole Foods store in Minneapolis. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple years, so in the course of our conversation I asked him what he was doing. When he began describing his work, I knew it was something I wanted to try, mostly because I trusted him, and was impressed by the results he created in his life. After one session with him, I gained an extraordinary amount of confidence and was catapulted into action where I had previously been stopped. Several bad habits that I had for a lifetime (like being late all the time) miraculously disappeared. It was truly amazing. No longer am I stopped by fear or bad habits, and I’m beyond grateful for the results I have been able to produce. I highly recommend Steven.

Brian Mogren

Executive Director, Alafia Foundation

Steven is a brilliant professional, always at the forefront of everything new and related to the development of the human mind. His knowledge and clarity in what he teaches are seen in the excellent results in those who decide to place themselves under his teaching. I use SCM to eliminate daily stress, to increase focus, and to become a better leader. Because of SCM, I am more intuitive, more creative, more productive at work and in life. Steven is one of the leaders I follow and learn from.

Nekane De Leniz

Owner & Radio Host, Creer Es Crear

Dr. Steven Giron is an amazing facilitator with utmost confidence and a genuine love of his work and helping others. I came to him at the end of my rope with excruciating pain and in need of help. His guidance helped me to excel and to disengage from my daily pain. He is a highly intelligent and well-versed man in quantum physics and as it relates to healing and makes you feel comfortable, informed and in charge of your mind-body connection. I look forward to each session as it has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him for a life transformation!

Danielle Wilson, CHHC/AADP

Wellness Coach, Nourish the Movement

Dr. Giron holds the kind of tenacity needed to actualize a new reality. There was something about Steven, when we first met in 2013, that I knew was different. His extensive education and continued drive for personal excellence, has fostered in him, the kind of leader the world needs. His work, as the Director of Source Code Meditation, proves to be the winning catalyst for taking individuals into their fullest potential; not only with his profound understanding of quantum reality, but because of his impeccable ability to see everyone as special and worthy of their desired dreams. If you’re looking for “the” coach to up-level your current existence, I highly recommend working with Dr. Steven

Michelle Smith

Empowerment Coach, BeYOUtiful Life

Steve is an elite provider in the human growth and development field. He is on the leading edge of neuroscience and the human experience. Trust him as he leads you through evolution and enlightenment.

Eric Smith

Chiropractor, Smith Chiropractic

Dr. Giron’s changed my life for the better. I personally gained a great deal of insight into the ways of thinking that held me back from living a happier, fuller life. I was extremely skeptical of, but I trust Steven and decided to give it a try. I was blown away by how effective it was at causing shifts in my thinking and being, and every client I met of his felt the same way. Highly recommended.

Jason Rockwood

Vice President of Mobile Strategy, Miami HEAT

From my first meeting and initial sessions with Steven, I intuitively knew I was in safe and highly skilled hands. I have a deep and vast background in many forms of body and “energy” work… Every step of the way, I could feel Dr. Giron’s true respect and love for humanity yet which always came through as though specifically and uniquely for me. He encouraged, even cheered me on, and he challenged me. His presence and communication combined with the specificity of his hands-on technique opened a physical, psychological, and spiritual process within me that continues to this day, and I’m sure well beyond. When I decided to train in this extraordinary modality, I got to experience the same love, compassion, rigor and a surgeon’s quality of precision in how Steven teaches this unique technique. Through the three years I’ve known Steven, I’ve also been able to witness how he walks the talk. His own personal life continues to transform and develop into an increasingly authoritative, confident, humble, glowing, healthy and totally generous presence. I personally, along with my classmates, were all inspired and touched by his excellence and his heart.

Jacyntha Kamor

Transformational Life Coach, Whole Spectrum Healing

I HIGHLY recommend working with Steven Giron! He’s a Master teacher & guide and holds a huge heart space balanced with a no B.S. passion that promotes vertical growth.

Risa Rae

Managing Director, To The Penny Bookkeeping


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How-To Video + Quick-Use Guide: Download this FREE TRAINING to learn how to quickly mobilize energy in your body and awaken untapped Higher Brain potential. Release stress and elevate your mood!

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